I started with Lauren and I was slightly nervous, never done Pilates before. Happy to say I am hooked.


I could not recommend Lauren and Inspire studio more highly! Amazing atmosphere, and great instruction and attention to detail and care. Can’t wait for my next class


The Pilates Fanatic Studio has been the highlight of my fitness life for a year and a half. Lauren is extremely knowledgeable about training and wellness, and I’ve always felt good after a class


Lauren’s holistic approach to health is inspiring and informative. 5 stars!


I have never enjoyed training sessions this much! Lauren is fantastic and a great instructor.


Thank you Lauren for the incredible Pilates classes…an exceptional series of postures…I am very thankful and blessed to have discovered you…


Lauren is brilliant at what she does. as having experienced her Pilates class before quite a few times, she is aware of any injuries you may have and her knowledge on such things is really extensive. I highly recommend Lauren.


My boyfriend and I have just started our classes and we are absolutely loving it. Lauren is very knowledgeable and thorough with her explanations and creates very enjoyable classes.


I have been going to Pilates classes with different instructors at my gym on and off for years because I’ve always enjoyed the practice, but I never loved it. One class with Lauren and I realised what I had been doing at the gym couldn’t even be called Pilates in comparison. Really, the difference between my classes with Lauren and all the other classes I’ve been to over the years is that vast. Now I absolutely love Pilates. I enjoy her classes so much – one of the things that I like so much about Lauren’s classes is that I am able to do so much more and better than I ever did in any other class, I am able to do positions that seem much more difficult that I wasn’t even shown in other classes, but that Lauren makes easy to do. The classes are also always different and it keeps things exciting and from getting monotonous. I’d have to say the best thing though is that Lauren explains and demonstrates the movements really well. So while I was doing most of the positions wrong before, I now know I am doing every single exercise in class properly and getting the maximum benefit. Lauren’s passion and enthusiasm for the practice really comes through and it is awesome to be taught by someone who really believes in it and wants to help me reach my full potential. I would also recommend the sessions on the Pilates reformer machine – it is extremely beneficial. I could really go on and on – and sorry for such a long review, but I am so happy that I have found such an exceptional Pilates instructor.